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Frequently Asked Questions:

I can't see the archives yet I need to see a sample to convince my boss to register?
We have provided a small sample at It lists several typical RFPs that are sent out on a given day. Note, RFPs come as individual messages and not in a summary form like in the sample. Furthermore, we have provided you with the ability to register only for 3 months, that way you don't prepay for a lengthy time period that you may not require.
Can I view RFPs online?
Subscribers can browse the RFPs online, additionally, older (archived) documents are also available for viewing online. At the bottom of each document, users can click the "email me" hyperlink to have the RFP sent to their mailbox. Note, only users with valid GeoBids account can view documents online - you must be logged-in to your GeoCommunity account to access RFPs.
Where do the RFPs come from?
RFPs listed at GeoCommunity GeoBids are accessed from Federal, State, County, and local government purchasing agencies. Here at the GeoCommunity we have a database of hundreds of sites that frequently post GIS & Geospatial related proposals. Many of these sites are US-based, however, we also have numerous listings from International agencies (Canada, UK, Indian, Australia, New Zealand, Asia). We also receive numerous RFPs from private companies and agencies that frequently visit the site. Many of these proposals cannot be accessed anywhere else!
Aren't the RFPs publicly available?
Many of them are, however, generally they are difficult to track down and generally require a substantial amount of time and effort to retrieve. The GeoBids service means we do the work for you. Also, because the GeoCommunity has such a large reader/customer base (more than 250,000 unique visitors per month) many of our readers are employed at government agencies that frequently issue RFPs - many of them send their bid documents directly to GeoBids for free posting. Anyone can submit an RFP to to be considered for listing.
$1.63 per day... isn't that cheap?
We want to make access to RFPs affordable. This is meant to be a valuable service that saves GIS professionals time. You could spend an hour or two per day trying to find similar project leads, but doesn't it make sense to spend a buck or two and let us do it for you?
What if I can't or don't want to use my credit card to subscribe?
We can set you up off-line if you prefer, however you'll need to give us a call at (850)897-1002. Agencies wishing to be invoiced can call us to arrange this, however, this will only be done for those wishing a one year account.
How do I see the full RFP posting?
These are distributed to GeoBids subscribers via a simple ASCII formated email. Subscribers don't have to worry about visiting the site every day since they are sent directly via email... no missing out on important and relevant RFPs!
Is there a way to access the RFPs without paying for them through your program?
Sorry, only account holders can access the full RFPs.
Is there any information that I could have that would convince my boss that it is a good idea to sign up for the RFP notification?
See for some examples. We have hundreds of sources for docs and we are growing the list every day. Most come from fed, state, and county governments and I would consider these "a must have" for any consultant. We also frequently get submissions from agencies and many local governments directly to us and these may or may not be available anywhere else. Basically it boils down to the question: Do you want to spend an hour or 2 searching the web every day or would you rather spend $1.63 per day and have us do all the leg-work?
Why do I have to setup a GeoCommunity account?
Our account mechanism is the backbone behind our secure e-commerce. All of our "premium" services here at the GeoCommunity generally require an account. We only require a minimal amount of information from you (enough so we can contact you in case of a problem) and we only need it once. Once you have an account you can subscribe to RFPs, puchase bulk career postings, and access premium data downloads using your account. Finally, you can rest assured that accounts are secure and we never share or sell your contact information. We may send you an occasional special email or update message, however, nobody else will.
Is the account secure?
You bet. We have a room full of servers here on-site (no outsourcing). So you don't have to worry about setting up a "hokey" Pay-Pal account or something similar. We don't store any credit card numbers and we maintain all of our e-commerce through a secure (https) server.
If I lose an email or have problems accessing information what should I do?
You can email us at and we'll be glad to help solve your problem.
How can we get our RFP listed?
Easy... simply submit details or the full RFP document to or submit using the online form at Note: in addition to being listed on the website, recent RFPs are also announced in our industry leading Daily Newswire which is sent out to more than 38,000 opt-in subscribers (most of them GIS and related industry professionals)
What happens after my RFP account expires?
When the cut-off for your account is approaching you'll be sent a friendly reminder by our GeoBids "bot". You'll be reminded that if you wish to continue with the service that you'll need to register for another subscription. Don't worry, your account won't be renewed automatically!
What if I don't want to supply my email address when setting up an account?
GeoBids are sent to subscribers via E-mail, therefore, it is important that you provide an accurate & correct email address when you establish your account!

If you have problems accessing or establishing a GeoBids account, please email

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