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Dewberry Wins Contract to Provide Flood Protection Services for NY State Office of General Services
Raster Support And Enhanced Functionality Now Available With Immediate Affect
MDA to Acquire DigitalGlobe, Creating Industry Leader in End-to-End Space Systems, Earth Imagery Geospatial Solutions
40-year Trend Study Finds Signs of Improved Water Quality in New Jersey Streams
LAND INFO and GeoNorth Information Systems Team to Deliver Enhanced Geospatial Solutions

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Cartography Training-VA
A & E Services-OR
Remote Sensing-UT
Surveying and Mapping-WA
GPS Locators-MN

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GeoBids - Employment Resources & Articles

How to find a GIS Consulting Firm - There are many projects that require a consultant to be brought in for technology implementation. How does one know if a consultant is required? How can one decide which consulting firm is right for their company? This information from The Natural Resource Management Toolkit is helpful in deciphering if a project calls for a GIS consultant and which consulting firm will be right for you.

The US General Services Administration - This site provides you with tips on how to sell your products to the government.

How to Write a Request for Proposal (RFP) - This link provides basic information for the novice RFP writer.

Kansas City RFP - This NetworldFusion piece will give you step by step instructions on how to prepare an effective request for proposal, evaluate responses and find the best outsourcing deal for your company.

Capture Planning - a detailed site that gives many ideas how to write, format, and edit your RFP’s. This site will give you countless “how to’s” and pointers that will improve your current RFP writing and show you how to look from the customer’s point of view.

"Ultimate" Proposal Checklist - There is a reason why it is called the “ultimate” proposal checklist! Be sure you use this list on your rfp before you send it out to perspective customers.

The GSA’s seminar on How to Prepare a quality offer - Don’t miss out on this great information from the GSA!

Writing Proposals that Win Contracts - A seminar from the Cypress Media Group aimed at improving your chances of winning a contract.

Grant Writing Tips - These tips provided by the Texas A&M University, College Education and Human Development will increase your chances of securing that grant you require.

GIS Development Guide - ThesThis guide begins the description of the first of four steps of the GIS Development process which deals with the actual assembly of the GIS and its subsequent operation.

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